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YAFI is an initiative founded by Gabriel Pais (13).
Gabriel is born and raised in Brussels and has founded YAFI because he feels that the truth about Israel must be told to the European Youth.

The media manipulation turns European youth into wrongly informed biased people when it comes to Israel or the jewish people. Same with anti-semitic boycott movements, who often publicly pretend to stand up for the Palestinian cause but generally cause the contrary effect for the Palestinians. Their true agenda, their obsession with the jewish people and their blind hate against Israel must stop.

YAFI offers European youngsters an opportunity to form their own honest opinion about Israel, since they are being informed about many different aspects of Israel. They learn about the role Israel plays in the world in different fields such as technology, academia, R&D, agriculture, humanitarian aid, through our range of educational activities and demonstrations.

YAFI sees the true power that the youth holds today, and Gabriel Pais feels it his mission to transform the European youth, through Yafi, into ambassadors for Israel and the jewish people.


"In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles"

David Ben Gourion
primary national founder of the State of Israel 

By the Western Wall


The mission of YAFI is to make our voice heard by the European youth by standing up for Israel and the jewish people, against bias and media manipulation.
We do this by informing, educating, and promoting knowledge to European youth about Israel.

YAFI is convinced that education is the most important tool against the media manipulation and anti-semitism.



Understanding the truth through education


We organise informative workshops in schools and universities all over Europe in French, Dutch, English or other languages upon request.


Our voice is heard through demonstrations we organise. We condemn media manipulation and will shape the participants of our demonstrations to become the ambassadors of tomorrow for Israel and the jewish world.


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So many reasons to be proud of Israel.
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